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Conjuring Feelings Through Music

As a small team of two, Kristiina and I have needed to develop different skills for our projects. For example, Kristiina has learned animation skills ( she has written about animation in this blog post ); I, in turn, have dipped my toes into creating music. Composing is both entertaining and challenging. You need to capture a specific kind of feeling, an atmosphere, as a combination of sounds. Sometimes, figuring the desirable sensation is tricky in itself. First of all, a song needs to suit the project. While we have been working on Bewitching Baking, Kristiina and I have discussed how both of us envision the atmosphere of the game. During our conversations, Kristiina suggested that we could aim for something calm, warm, and happy, with a little bit of soothing melancholy included. This suggestion brings us to the second challenge: subtle nuances and contradictory vibes. Happiness and melancholy may sound like a strange combination, even like an impossible mixture. Joe Hisaishi's