The magic of animation

Today, I want to write about the 2D hand animations I have been making for Bewitching Baking. I will reveal how I make them.We decided to run the animations at 11 frames per second. It saves me time and keeps the size of the game more manageable. I have finished four of these animations thus far. The shortest one is 18 frames, while the longest one consists of 42. All in all, I have painted 114 frames to date. Most animations are of a single hand moving, but in some, I have had to animate both hands.My painting style is pretty realistic. To make my process at least a bit quicker, I rotoscope the base movement off a video we filmed. I import the video to Adobe After Effects where I lower the frame rate to 11 and then export the images. Initially, we decided on the 11 frames after testing the frame rate on a video.First, I do a quick line art trace of each image. Then I use the photos as a reference and start painting. I often copy the last set of hands while painting and first try to c…

Cozying Up a Witch's Kitchen

It's been a while since we last wrote anything on this blog. Don't worry: we have been working on the game! Now, I'm going to show you how I created the kitchen for Wynona. It has had a visual upgrade since we last showed it to you.What inspired us in the creation of Wynona's decor were modern-day witchcraft (naturally) and cottagecore. 
Here are some close-ups:

Here are some process shots of making the kitchen:

Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality on

We at Innokas media ky oppose police violence and both institutional and individual racism.
Right now, is raising money for BLM with over one thousand creators all around the world participating. By donating $5 or more, you can support human rights andgain access to a massive amount of engaging material. Half of the proceeds are donated to NAACP Legal Defence and Educational Fund and the other half to Community Bail Fund.
Because we registered to only recently, we do not have games there yet. We would have loved to add at least some of them to the project otherwise. We are, however, glad that we were able to contribute Fairyland Familiars Coloring Book to it.
Remember, black lives matter.

Welcome to the Bewitching World of Baking!

Hello, everyone and welcome to our blog where we write about the development of our games. We are a small indie team of two siblings from Finland, and we have been making games together since 2017 when we registered our company Innokas media. We have published games on mobile, both iOS and Android, and in the future, we wish to make games on desktop as well.

This blog's purpose is to log and share our experiences as a small indie team and communicate with and inform our potential players of our games. Currently, we will mainly focus on the development of Bewitching Baking: a casual mobile game about a witch that likes to conjure up desserts.

The game is a relaxing experience of completing different actions such as touching and sliding buttons and tilting the mobile device. Once the level is over, the game gives the player a score and tells them what dessert they have created. After this, the player can find the dessert in the recipe book found in the game. If the player has scored…