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Cozying Up a Witch's Kitchen

 It's been a while since we last wrote anything on this blog. Don't worry: we have been working on the game! Now, I'm going to show you how I created the kitchen for Wynona. It has had a visual upgrade since we last showed it to you. What inspired us in the creation of Wynona's decor were modern-day witchcraft (naturally) and cottagecore.  The final version of Wynona's kitchen. It is the main set for the game. Here are some close-ups: Wynona has built her small altar in her kitchen. I decided to illuminate the window with the full moon. Wynona has strung an assortment of crystals that can bathe both in the moonlight and sunlight. I also painted a lace valance on her window to give the window a bit of charm and warmth. Under the window, Wynona grows chamomille, sage, garlic, basil, and lavender. While Wynona has an electric stove, she likes to use a cauldron and an old kettle. She also has a crystal ball in her kitchen. Wynona values her relationship with nature. She