Welcome to the Bewitching World of Baking!

Hello, everyone and welcome to our blog where we write about the development of our games. We are a small indie team of two siblings from Finland, and we have been making games together since 2017 when we registered our company Innokas media. We have published games on mobile, both iOS and Android, and in the future, we wish to make games on desktop as well.

This blog's purpose is to log and share our experiences as a small indie team and communicate with and inform our potential players of our games. Currently, we will mainly focus on the development of Bewitching Baking: a casual mobile game about a witch that likes to conjure up desserts.

The game is a relaxing experience of completing different actions such as touching and sliding buttons and tilting the mobile device. Once the level is over, the game gives the player a score and tells them what dessert they have created. After this, the player can find the dessert in the recipe book found in the game. If the player has scored high, the recipe for that dessert will be available, and the player can bake it in real life.

A screenshot of the game Bewitching Baking. A red headed woman is behind a counter gesturing hands in a spell. Game buttons looking like gems are in the forefront with baking ingredients.
A screenshot of the current state of Bewitching Baking.

Bewitching Baking is plenty of work for a two-person team such as us. One time-consuming challenge, for example, is that we have decided to hand-animate our witch casting spells in the background. We will post a blog post about this process, later. We have been planning to start an Indiegogo campaign for this game. Expect some posts about that journey, as well.

We hope you find our blog interesting. We would love to chat with you and see you come back for later posts!

Kristiina and Anniina


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