Cozying Up a Witch's Kitchen

 It's been a while since we last wrote anything on this blog. Don't worry: we have been working on the game! Now, I'm going to show you how I created the kitchen for Wynona. It has had a visual upgrade since we last showed it to you.

What inspired us in the creation of Wynona's decor were modern-day witchcraft (naturally) and cottagecore. 

An illustration of a kitchen with pastel pink and white cabinets. One cabinet is open displaying Wynona's altar. It includes items such as crystals, decorative bowl, mortar and pestle, a chalice, Wynona's favorite mug, and a bell. She has also hung plenty of different crystals in front of her window. We can now see a full moon. White, black, purple, and yellow candles are lit. A piece of wood has been recently lit for smudging. A pentagram made out of sprigs and flowers is hanging on one of the cabinets.
The final version of Wynona's kitchen. It is the main set for the game.

Here are some close-ups:

A close-up of Wynona's altar. It displays such items as crystals, an offering bowl, a bell, a small cauldron, a chalice and Wynona's favourite tea mug.
Wynona has built her small altar in her kitchen.

A view of Wynona's window. She has strung crystals in front of it. A lace window valance hangs behind them. It is full moon.
I decided to illuminate the window with the full moon. Wynona has strung an assortment of crystals that can bathe both in the moonlight and sunlight. I also painted a lace valance on her window to give the window a bit of charm and warmth.

Under the window, Wynona grows chamomille, sage, garlic, basil, and lavender.
Under the window, Wynona grows chamomille, sage, garlic, basil, and lavender.

A cauldron has been set on the stovetop. Pictures are also a rustic tea kettle and a crystal ball.
While Wynona has an electric stove, she likes to use a cauldron and an old kettle.
She also has a crystal ball in her kitchen.

A wooden pentagram with flowers.
Wynona values her relationship with nature.
She likes to craft decorations from materials she gathers outside.

Here you can see Wynona's spellbook. Wynona has an assortment of candles. She especially likes white and black ones. White is versatile, and black is protective. You can also see she has lit yellow and purple candles. They increase joy and creativity, respectively.

Here are some process shots of making the kitchen:

A bare bones version of the kitchen, still relatively empty and not fully rendered.
The first plan for the kitchen. At first, we had Wynona's oven in the picture but decided to take it off later. Funny thing, the faucet was the first somewhat rendered piece in the kitchen, considering it barely shows in the game.

The second version of the kitchen. Still not fully rendered but the final layout starts to be there.
I decided to open one of the cabinets and added a shelf in front of the window to add more stuff to the kitchen. The first iteration of crystals strung in front of the window have been illustrated. The day has changed to night.

This version of the kitchen has some things added, including a pentagram, a broom and herbs in front of the window.
Last snapshot before the final version!

When we started developing Bewitching Baking, we had no idea of the pandemic that soon would strike all of us globally. It's been interesting to see the rise in popularity in baking, witchcraft, and cottagecore during these trying times. We are worried about the state of the world and hope our games could bring its players a small solace. Please, everyone, take care, and keep safe.



  1. That looks fantastic! You managed to combine meticulousness, myriad of meaningful details, and a light, welcoming atmosphere. I am impressed! I wish I could have such a place to cook :-)

    1. Thank you, Bél! It was fun to paint all those items and little details. I'm not sure if I still want to add/modify something; we will see.



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